Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Backlogged - Travel

We were lucky enough to be able to run away at the end of last month to Surfside Beach, South Carolina for a week.  My aunt and uncle invited the entire Flaherty clan down to enjoy some sunshine and beach, and of course, each other.  Almost everyone in the extended family made it, although my two "baby" cousins didn't and were sorely missed. 
Addie and Brenna were rock star travelers - we had very little whining and the 11 plus hour drive went smoothly, particularly on the way home, when we  only stopped twice.

Most of the week was spent lounging pool side or digging our toes in the sand.  Addie wasn't overly excited by the ocean, one day of rough surf made her skeptical.  She did love the pools and the beach, however, building sand castles and burying treasures.  Brenna loved the feel of the wet sand on her toes and dug the heated pool.  Mostly she just loved giggling with the family and be spoiled rotten with hugs.  A week at the beach was just what the doctor ordered to get me through our kitchen remodel.  Plus, it never hurts to have Gramma swoop in and provide a minivacation from parenting.
Headed to the beach
Time Aunt Carol
At the park with Gramma
Walking the beach after dinner
Chilling in the pool
Playtime with cousing Jackson
Daddy & his pool princesses

Two weeks after soaking up the sun, Brenna and I hopped a flight to my least favorite place in the world, New York City.  And while I hate the city, I love the people I get to see there.  This time it was for my cousin Jay's wedding.  He and Sara hosted a sweet, intmate affair in an old art gallery.  We were treated to the bride and groom singing, some dancing, a fabulous amount of cheese and delicious meatballs. 
Yet again, Brenna proved that she is quite the little traveler.  She was fantastic on all our flights, including the two we damn near missed on the way to NYC, took to taxis like a pro and enjoyed her hotel room with the view the Manhattan skyline.  This was Brenna's first introduction to the otherside of my family, not to worry she got appropriately spoiled and adored.
Loving Aunt Janet
Aunt Kelly & cousin Connor
The blushing bride
The groom and his mother
And now a few weeks at home, enjoying the backyard sunshine, our friends, and at long last, running water in the kitchen.

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Sue said...

Thanks for all the updates. Looks like you are all having a fabulous time, jet-setting all over the place. Congrats on the kitchen!