Friday, January 11, 2013

Photos on a Friday : Revisited


I have decided, to help further my "become more proficient at my camera" goal, to participate in Project Life 365.  Essentially, I am attempting to take at least one photo a day for 201 3.  The Project Life team provides daily prompts  to get my creative juices flowing and the rest is up to me. 
I was posting all my pictures on Facebook, but realized that could get old as I jam up other people's feeds.  Now I load them onto the website so that I can keep them organized and am also trying to keep them on Instagram.  It seemed, however, like the perfect way to breathe a little life back into Photos on a Friday.  Each Friday I thought I'd pick a few of my favorite pictures from the week and share them.  Some weeks there may be only one that I like and some weeks there may be ten.  For this Friday I have six from the past week and half that make me smile...
My goal is to become a better photographer, which means picking my camera up, playing with it, and taking time to learn.  I am sure that the iPhone camera will still be used quite a bit (it's just so easy and convenient) but I am going to do my darnedest to to play with white black balance, ISO, aperture and shutterspeed - ie: my good camera.  Here goes nothing...or a whole lot of something.

Day 1:  Resolution - To become a better cook.  I really would like to become a better cook this year.  I think a good way to start is actually following the instructions in recipes.  So far I have made Chicken Pot Pie, Balsamic Cream Chicken and Mushrooms, Meatloaf and Turkey Chili all to  relatively glowing reviews.  Yay!

Day 5:  View - The last drink of his 35th year.  Andy and I headed out to celebrate his birthday.  By 11 o'clock we decided to have "just one more" that morphed into several more at a quiet bar downtown and a fabulous date.  I was exhausted the next day, but so thankful for a night out.

Day 6:  Still Life - Berries and Snow.  The trees on our back patio bloom in the spring, are leafy in the summer and have green berries in the fall that turn this beautiful yellow in the winter, giving us wonderful color in the bleak months.  I loved how they look with snow framing them.

Day 8:  Front Door - Missing Daddy.  Addie, in particular, really misses Andy when he travels.  The day he left for a four day trip I caught her looking out the windows by the front door.  When I asked her what she was looking at she replied I'm looking for Daddy's car.  My heart melted.  Of course it didn't hurt the shot that Brenna wants to be doing whatever her sister is doing.

Day 9:  In a drawer - Sewing dreams.  I hadn't gotten around to doing this picture until the evening.  Nothing had particularly grabbed my eye or inspired me.  When I headed up stairs to work on altering a dance costume for my neighbor I saw the mess that is my sewing area and loved the colors. 

Day 11:  Mini - Kindergartner waiting for the school bus.  When I saw the theme of mini I just assumed I'd grab a shot of Addie and Brenna.  Mini versions of their parents.  But as Miss Thang waited for the bus this morning I struck with how grown, but yet how little, she looked.   I grabbed my camera and snuck in a picture (yes, I stepped up on our ladder to make her look even smaller) of my oh-so little girl.

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Kate C. said...

This was the blog post that inspired my camera purchase. Can't wait to see more pictures!