Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am in recovery mode.  It's not the norovirus that wiped me out, like it did poor Addison, nope.  Instead it was my family.  My ridiculous, lovely, fantastic cousins are responsible for the fact that I am barely a contributing part of society this week.

After disinfecting my house from top to bottom last week, I packed my bags, kissed the kiddos and husband goodbye and pointed the car east toward Pittsburgh.  The long talked about and awaited Flaherty girls weekend had arrived.  I stopped in Columbus to grab my cousin Liz, paused in Wheeling to kiss my Aunt Ruthie (who, along with all the Aunts I believe, was a bit sad to be be missing out out the fun), and finally arrived in Pittsburgh at the same time as my cousin Amanda.  I arrived with Liz, Amanda arrived with a bag full of wine and cheese. 
My youngest cousin Jill got off work and helped up polish off a bottle or few of wine and off we headed to a bar to wait for the last piece of the puzzle, Joan, who was flying in from New York City.  To say that we partied like it was 1998 is a massive understatement.  The shear amount and variety of beverages ordered was stunning - and slightly repulsive.  To say we laughed wouldn't do it justice.  We shared a few kumbaya moments with car bombs; learned about the rare Fort Meyer's red pelican; and completely forgot our ages.
The next day my cheeks hurt - and so did all of our heads.  A lot.
We powered on with our makeovers - Jill beautified us all with new cuts and colors, while we noshed on cheese, pepperoni, amazing  lemon raspberry cupcakes.  We wandered the Strip district, missed out on having street tacos, sat outside in the sunshine and tasted the most amazing popcorn.
After a fancy dinner out I was ready for bed, but in true Flaherty girl fashion I was cajoled into "just one more drink", turns out mango mojitos are magical.
I had a blast.  I truly did. 
It will take me about a year until I am ready to be that fun again.  And while my body hates just about every decision I made over the weekend, there is one wonderful thing that I think I always knew, but was undoubtedly confirmed:  My family is amazing.  We are all  stuck with each other because we are family - but I would choose them as friends anyway.  They are each uniquely lovely women.   They are poised, hysterical, successful, fun and I know that I am lucky to have them.

So, thanks Flaherty girls!  I look forward to next year...with any luck I will have recovered by then.

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