Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday

When I used to religiously sit here and write I would dedicate my Thursdays to being thankful.  It's been a damn long time since I've done that.  Probably because for the past year I have mostly felt anger and sorrow - but that cloud is finally lifting, as I was repeatedly assured it would. 
So, while Brenna is plugged into possibly the worst cartoon ever (I mean really, why would My Little Ponies turn into humans and why would they have a rock band?) I am going to sit in the cat's sunbeam and have my coffee and be a little thankful.

This Thursday I am thankful for:

  • My husband.  He was traveling the first part of this week and I am so thankful he is back in town; even if he is going away for two more days this weekend.  We've been married 12 years so obviously we've totally got this whole marriage thing perfected (please read that with a sarcastic tone).  To be fair there are plenty of days that we want to kill each other or we stand on each other's very last nerve, but when push comes to shove he's always the first person in my corner.  He encourages and challenges me.  He is the captain of my cheer squad.  He gives our daughters unconditional love, sometimes it's tough love, but it's always unconditional. 

  • My minions.  My minis.  My little ladies.  My god they drive me to brink of mental breakdown but they also show me the promise of tomorrow.  They show me endless love and open adoration.  They remind me that life continues and that time doesn't stand still.  They overflow and sometime break my heart, but they also keep it beating.  I am thankful for their curiosity, their wonder for the world, their kindness and gentleness and energy.  I am even thankful for the exhaustion and the frustration I feel because of them.  They are my soul.

  • My messy, hilarious extended family.  You know who you are - you who brighten my day with a simple text or a kind note.  You who curse like longshoremen but love fiercely.  You who push me to try harder and be better.  You who think I am a better person than I really am.  You who reach out on dark days and bright days and consistently make me laugh.  When I think about my village you, all of you, are thought of.

  • My mother and my mother in law.  My god, these women never say no.   They always say yes.  They always show up.  Talk about crutches, I am not sure what I would two with out this pair!  For taking my kids overnight so I can run; or for a few hours so I can have dinner with an actual adult conversation.  For cleaning my stovetop or making sure my bathrooms have extra rolls of toilet paper.  For being so loving to my goofy daughters, but also always willing to show them tough love when necessary.  For being wise, and kind, and generous, and so very present in our lives.  I could not be more thankful.

  • My ridiculous band of friends.  My home team. The ones who call for no reason and send the most inappropriate texts.  The ones who push me to think harder, try harder, be better.  Those people who see my comfort zone and forcefully shove me out of it.  Those friends that refill my wine glass and push me out the door for a run.  Those people who can read my mood from hundreds of miles of way and put up with my constant complaining.  The friends who sit on the back patio for cocktails or stand on the driveway with coffee and listen just to listen.  Without my home team I'd be lost.

  • Finally getting my What's App to synch up with my dear friend who lives such a drastically different life than me, across the world, but still somehow remains a touchstone. 

  • Finding fresh smoked cheddar and wine infused goat cheese in my refrigerator.  If that doesn't say someone loves me and totally gets me than nothing does.

  • Getting a text, just now, suggesting a playdate for Brenna so I can go log a five mile training run (yes, I am doing another half marathon, no it won't be pretty, but that's a rant for another time). 
With that offer looming, off I must go and try to be thankful that this aging, achy body will carry me through the miles ahead.

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