Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cutie Christmas

Babies aren't dolls. I know that. Dolls don't makes such stinky diapers that you start to gag. However, it is still fun to dress babies up.

I decided that since we have so many Christmas celebrations, I would get to put Addie in different fun, girly outfits.
Outfit #1: Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa Neyer and the Neyer clan. She spent most of the night gnawing at her sleeve, which by the time she passed out was soaking wet.

Outfit #2: Extended Neyer family. Oops, forgot to get a picture of this outfit. It ended up being a red velor pantsuit (see above, way cuter with chubby baby inserted in clothing) with patent leather shoes. It was supposed to be an adorable light blue corduroy jumper with deep red lining, but putting that on her was like trying to stuff sausage into its casing. Not a pretty sight.

Outfit #3: Uncle Brian got Addison this super frilly girl dress.
So frilly. So girly. So long until she gets it in her mouth? That skirt is going to taste GOOD!

Outfit #4: Gramma Kathy bought this for Addison when we were in Pittsfield. This was the travelling outfit for our Cincinnati - Charleston trip. Like a little North Pole elf...CUTE.
So, again, I know my baby is not a doll, but what is not fun about Christmas outfits??

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