Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let Christmas begin

Our marathon Christmas holiday has begun! Earlier this week Addison, Andy & I opened up Christmas gifts from Grandma Kathy...Addie got quite a few adorable things, but her favorites are her new sock monkey and her flower chime garden. Andy was a little creeped out by the sock monkey, and somehow has never even heard of a sock monkey before....what sheltered childhood did that boy have?

Yesterday, she & I drove Andy to work and came home to clean and pack. Okay, well I cleaned and packed, she played on her mat and shrieked at the cat. By 2:30 we were on the road to Cincinnati. The trip took us longer than we wanted...terrible fog everywhere and an awful accident on 65 that tied us up for awhile. We finally made it to Grandma & Grandpa Neyer's, however, where Addison was promptly spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Kim & Uncle Rick and Aunt Nikki (hmmm, where was Uncle Brian???).

This evening we are celebrating Christmas with our immediate Neyer family and Great Grandma. Tomorrow we are celebrating with the extended Neyer family at Aunt Sue & Uncle Ed's. Monday we are celebrating with the entire Coyle family at Great Grandma's (for those of you who are interested that is 37 people, all who get gifts, all gifts are opened one at a time!!). Tuesday morning we hop in Santa's Sleigh (or our Mazda 3) and drive off to Charleston, WV to celebrate with most of the Flahertys (baby Jackson and his parents are staying in Columbus this year, and Ian is with his girlfriend...I guess there will be no cousin drinking games, which is good because I can no longer bounce back from a night of drinking, as evidenced by Thursday morning after a night out with Karen....OUCH!). We'll head back to Chicago on Wednesday(ish) and then we celebrate Christmas with the Johnson's on Saturday. Sweet jesus, that is a lot of being merry!

Happy Holidays to you all, if you're travelling, be safe!


Mich said...

Wow, that is a heck of a lot of action! Safe travels! We will play some drinking games for you down in sunny FL...


I love that picture!