Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sleep, sweet sleep

Addison has decided to be the very bestest baby in the world....I am sure I am jinxing myself by writing this, but baby girl has been going to bed by 8 p.m. and sleeping until 7 a.m. since early last week. It has been an AMAZING treat...I almost don't know what to do with myself. Not only have I been able to sleep, but I have taken a shower before noon almost everyday. Well rested and clean...I hardly recognize myself.

Saturday I went shopping all day with Karen at Gurnee. I had never shopped there before and was very glad that I left Addison home with Andy. I wish other parents had followed my lead. What a freaking zoo...two weeks before Christmas, spending a Saturday at huge outlet mall...not the smartest idea Karen and I have ever had. Addison at least followed through on our evil plan and thanked her dad for their QT by puking down his back and filling up a diaper during the Liverpool game. Such a good girl.

These days anything that Addison can get her hands on she puts in her mouth. Her toys, her blankets, my fingers, my hair, her dirty burp clothes, her bibs,her hand....I am trying to explain to her that it is not appropriate to put her dresses in her mouth, but she doesn't seem to care. I hope she outgrows this little habit least before high school.

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I was just making that same comment at the mall yesterday. I wished some parents would leave their kids at home. The mall is already packed WITHOUT 5 million big strollers. Plus, kids were just wandering off. Seemed like an Amber Alert waiting to happen.