Sunday, December 16, 2007

The weather outside is frightful

Well, we made it to Pittsfield alive ~ just barely! Addison, Andy & I flew into Manchester NH Wednesday night, ate some super yummy Chili's (I love chain restaurants) and flopped into bed at the Marriott. Thursday morning Andy headed off to work and Addison and I waited for our chauffeurs to arrive, I mean Grandma and Auntie Barb.
We spent some time visiting with Lori and her daughter Emily in front of the Marriott's fireplace. Emily is 2 1/2 and the most precocious child you will ever meet. She has picked up a litany of new words at day care this year, including the F word, which she is able to use in appropriate context. Her latest trend is to say JESUS! when she is upset...Lori told her that it is not okay to yell JESUS when you are frustrated, so now Emily says JES-LOUISE-US. My new favorite word of course.
Anyway, after an hour or so of visiting we decided to hit the road, as there was a storm heading our way. What a good decision we made...the 2 1/2 hour trip from Lowell ended up taking over four hours. Our windshield iced over, we had zero visibility, and I had to get out of the car on 90 under a bridge to chip ice off the windshield. Good times. By the time it had stopped snowing, we got over 10 inches. Thank god on Tuesday I bought my new snuggy-warm winter boots. And for the record, Addison slept through all the traveling drama and was, as Keelin would say, the perfect baby.
We were supposed to fly out this afternoon, but we got another 4 inches of snow last night that is now being covered with sleet and freezing rain. Andy & I are hoping to catch a later flight tonight, or else he is going to work from Lowell tomorrow and we'll fly out sometime late afternoon.
Addison is loving it...she's being spoiled by Grandma and cuddled all day long. Grandma was nice enough to give Addison a new Elmo book...that makes noises. Thanks alot Grandma!


Mich said...

I am mega jealous that you got Chili's - I also adore chain restaurants...especially Olive Garden!

Keelin said...

She is the perfect baby!!! Maybe you Neyer's need some lessons from the Broughan School of Positive Affirmation!