Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Gift of Silence

For those of you who have been around Addison lately you are probably well aware of her eardrum shattering shriek. I really can't give it adequate description. It's the ear damaging, headache creating noise of a baby banshee.

Addison thinks it's her it's a happy noise. To us it's the beginning of a migraine.

It's particularly painful if you have a hangover.

Thus, for her father's birthday today, Addison and I decided the best gift he could have would be a silent house.

So Happy 31st Birthday Dad! May your hangover end soon, may you remember that you are in your thirties and no longer have any bounce-back ability; may you learn to tell Corey and Christie that this next drink really is the last drink, and may your know that you are the best dad around and we LOVE YOU!

**A very Happy 31st Birthday to Fairy Godmother Kate as well...we also hope that your hangover leaves you a better person...and that your martinis were as fabulous as you are.

***A super Happy 6th Birthday to Corbin....we were super glad that you weren't hungover and we hope that Mom & Dad brought you to a restaurant that sang you Happy Birthday in a wonderfully obnoxious way!

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Toolio said...

Wow! I could not imagine hearing that noise hung over! What a great gift.