Sunday, January 6, 2008

Overcoming the bedoinky-doink

The week before Christmas Andy, Addison & I went to the Berkshires to visit my mom. Since we stuck in a snow storm we had a very relaxing quiet weekend of eating, drinking, playing Scrabble and generally staying warm indoors (well as warm as possible in my mom's house where the thermostat is set somewhere near 43 degrees) .
My mom decided that it was her duty to help Addison learn how to roll over. The two of them laid on the living room floor and mom gave her step-by-step instructions along with a demonstration or two. Addison wasn't very willing to roll over, but I am pretty sure she understood what was being taught.

She has been rolling on to her side for weeks, almost making the flip, but unable to completely control her bedoinky-doink and propel herself over. By the time we were packed to head to Cincinnati she had rolled over once or twice. On our second night there Andy & I checked on her before we headed to bed and she was sleeping soundly on her tummy in her Pack & Play...she had gone to bed, as always, on her back.
Now she rolls over whenever she wants, but sometimes gets stuck on her belly and can't figure out how to get on to her back, which gets her quite grumpy and she complains and complains until Andy & I give her nudge and flip her over.

On Friday Keelin tried to demonstrate rolling over to her by lying on my dirty living room floor and rolling back and forth ~ talk about being dedicated to the education of others.

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