Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How Sweet It Is

Addison and I continue to battle it out over "solid" food. Our first several attempts with rice cereal were messy and ended with a not very content child. Next we mixed in bananas on the advice of a seasoned father of two. While bananas were a slightly more successful endeavor, most feedings ended with banana/rice blend smeared all over her face and hands, as well as dripping from my eyelids after one well executed zerbert with a mouthful of food. Delightful.

This afternoon I tempted Addison with a new flavor ~ sweet potato.

Historically I have not been a fan of sweet potatoes. I avoided them at all the holidays, they didn't even interested me when dressed up with marshmallows and brown sugar. However, lately I have taken a renewed interest in sweet potatoes and giving them another shot, mainly because they are better for me than good old straight carbohydrate potatoes. I now have another reason to establish a little bit of respect for the the sweet potato...Addison seems to LOVE them. She scarfed down 1 1/2 bowls this afternoon, barley let any slip back out of her mouth and did not spit any on my face.

Yummy little sweet potato, you are alright by me.


Mich said...

I heart sweet potatoes - for some reason I even have sweet potato baby food in the pantry....we kinda just wanted to see what it tastes like (although, it has sat in there for weeks now).

Kate C. said...

YUM! I can't wait until you blog about the peas - that would suck if those got in your hair

Toolio said...

Sweet potato is the superior potato! Nice work!