Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Girl in a Big Car Seat

For Christmas Grandma & Grandpa Neyer bought Addison (okay, really, Andy & I) a new convertible car seat.
Basically, it is time to retire the car seat we brought her home from the hospital in and have been using ever since.
That car seat, a generous gift from the Arndts, only is safe for babies up to 22 lbs. and 29 inches long. Addison is already over 18 lbs. and 28+ inches. Not to mention while this car seat is the "lightest" variety on the market, it alone, with out a chubby bunny baby in it, weighs 9 lbs. Pulling 27 lbs in and out of the car everyday is starting to take a toll on my back.

Okay, so maybe I am out of shape, but after right after I finish here I am going to tune into ExerciseTV and do a little work.

Addison's new car seat will be able to be used now until her 1st birthday facing rear in our car, and then will convert to a front facing car seat up until she is 50 lbs and 50 inches long. I was 48 lbs in 4th grade, and Gramma Kathy is only 62 inches tall now, so this puppy should last quite a while!

Unfortunately the subzero weather has hindered our installing this into the car, but when the balmy 40 degree weather hits this weekend, she officially becomes a little girl in a really big car seat.

Looks to me like she is ready for the big transition!

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maricojones said...

I wanna see a picture of Grandma Kathy in the new car seat!!