Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daddy M.I.L. (missing in Lowell)

Hey Dad,
You plan on coming home soon? Or calling me? I have had a busy day...Christie came over for a super healthy breakfast today and I was carted all over the city in the snow. I had lunch with Karen at Milk & Honey (yum), went to JoAnne Fabrics to help mom pick out more yarn ( btw, her knitting is getting a little obsessive and scary) and hung out at Target for 15 minutes longer than I wanted to because mom lost the freaking car keys.

Tomorrow I have to leave the house so it can be inspected...mom is saying that we are going to clean out the car, get the oil changed, and then maybe meet grandpa for lunch. Your flight better not get delayed, buddy or you'll be slumming it home....I need my beauty sleep!

Anyway, get home soon...I know Lowell isn't that good of a time!

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Jay said...

Jeez, what a vocabulary on this one....