Thursday, February 21, 2008

Broken Computer = Outdated Blog

Somehow I managed to break our computer last week...thus, the reporting adventures of Miss Addison have been on hold. While we haven't been updating you on what's going on, we have been continuing to have huge adventures.
Okay nothing that huge or exciting....but here's a quick recap.
Thursday 2/14
Andy finally got home from Lowell around midnight on Wednesday. Addison slept through his coming through the door to find me knitting with a martini....just like a proper housewife. For the silly, silly Valentine's holiday Andy and I went to dinner at the fabulous Cafe 28 . This was our first Valentine's dinner together in the 12 years we've been stuck together. It was a real late night, we were home from our hot date by 8:45. Christie babysat and had some quality Addison time, I may have forgotten to tell her that Addison hadn't napped all day. OOPS. Happy Valentine's Day Chris :)

Friday 2/15
Addison woke up with a lovely hairdo, and watched me finish boxing up our dining room hutch. It was fun to wrap our Waterford wine set for a second time, knowing that I still have not taken a sip out of the glasses or poured a drop of wine into the decanter (one day I'll trust us enough to use the Waterford, we've only had it for 3.5 years now). We packed up the car, visited with Grandpa and then headed downtown to pick up Andy and head to Cincinnati. We were heading to Cinci to clean the apartment we're moving into as well as unload some boxes. BUT, we got super lucky because we also got to meet Addison's newest little cousin:

Richard Rylan Puryear was born Friday morning at a very healthy 8 lbs 8 oz and a huge 22 1/4 inches long. WOW! He's adorable and snuggly and both Kim and Rick are doing wonderfully...way better than Andy and I were when Addie showed up!

Saturday - Monday 2/16-2/19 Addison hung out with Great Grandma, Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Nikki and Uncle Brian. She introduced them to her new "stranger danger" attitude which essentially consists of whining, crying and looking for Mommy & Daddy. All survived her tantrum, especially once they discovered the trance inducing effect Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See? (it's like baby Valium, awesome).

Before we headed home Monday, Addison graciously shared Grandpa's lap with Rylan...we had a conversation about sharing the spotlight, and overall she did a great job.

So, like I said, they weren't huge adventures. But when you are 7 months old, everything seems like an adventure.

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Kate C. said...

Kim's baby is SO CUTE. Congrats on being an aunt again!