Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Day : Tarheels, Snow & Drool

Today is a Neyer Family Holiday...UNC vs. Duke. This is a serious thing in our family, particularly for Andy and Brian ~ I am surprised that it doesn't warrant a day off work or the exchange of gifts in some way. Andy may be a bit worried because Ty Lawson injured his ankle and may not be able to play tonight.
I am slightly annoyed that this hallowed game is tonight for two reasons: 1). Hello! It interferes with Project Runway, one of the best shows on TV and 2) Dick is back and announcing the game...damn I can't stand that man.
The game is set to start at 9:00 p.m. EST...much too late for Addison to stay up and cheer. To show her support and loyalty she hung out all day at home showing Carolina Pride:

Okay so now her cheerleading outfit is covered in soy milk, spit up and drool, but nonetheless, she was being supportive.

We're both a little worried whether Andy will make it home in time for the game or not...this is what it looks like outside our window right now...Maybe that is why he just called me to talk about a trip to LA in September...for him, not me. All this snow can definately make you do some California dreaming...



It was 75 degrees out here in Norfolk yesterday! But it was kind of windy.

Jo said...

We haven't seen the sun all week - ahhh winter in the Berkshires!