Friday, February 8, 2008

Tag Along K

I mentioned awhile back that Addison did not have the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Of course I should have known that it would appear very quickly via Gramma Kathy. My mom gave her Chicka Chicka Boom Boom when she was visiting last month and it has quickly become part of Addison's daily reading repertoire.
Most days it is the first book I read, or sing, to Addison after her morning nap. I am beginning to think that it directly affects her mood for the rest of day. On the days that it hasn't been read I swear she is a tad bit grumpier. By the time I open to the first page and begin saying "A said to B and B said to C" Addison's legs are pumping and she is beginning to giggle. Often she get so excited that she tries to tear the book out of my hands and gnaw on it (much like I get when my weekly edition of People arrives in the mail).
I swear this picture is not posed...she LOVES this book!
***Since Addison mentioned not having this book and it arrived soon there after, I thought I just might mention that I don't have (and would really love) a pair of Ugg boots (preferably regular, I think the tall requires too much tucking in of the pants).


Kathy said...

In your dreams!!! But a really good try!!!

Jo said...

Your blog is so much fun - you should consider your spare time. Just think of all the Uggs you could get then.