Friday, February 29, 2008

Soup, Salad and Breadsticks

If you're looking for a good time I highly recommend trying to go to lunch at 12:30 on a Friday in the suburbs at an Olive Garden with three babies, each in their own car seat....Really it's highly entertaining! Renata and Evan, Kelly and Emmett, and me and Addison trekked out to Schaumburg's Olive Garden for a little mommy date today.

There were no parking spots in the Olive Garden lot, save the one by the door that Kelly scored. Renata & I had to park about 16 miles away and walk in the cold and whipping wind to enjoy our endless Soup and Salad. The hostess sat us in the middle of the restaurant between two other large parties and seemed a bit snippy that we needed so much space....I guess she would have preferred that we shove our babes under the table.

In spite of the parking, weather, hostess and table, we had a fantastic lunch. Evan, Emmett and Addison checked each other out. Evan flirted with the light fixtures, Emmett tried to suck a Coke through a straw and Addison chewed on several spoons. Kelly, Renata and I were able to speak to each other, in complete sentences and about more than just baby bowel movements.

I love being a lady who lunches, but I particularly loved being a lady who lunches with other ladies who have to entertain their little people as well. It was an incredible display of multitasking!

Waiting to go to Olive Garden. YUM! Emmett's after lunch kisses

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Mich said...

The OG is only one of my fav places ever. Call me jealous!