Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sweet to Sassy?

I remember being told when Addison was a few weeks old and I couldn't figure out how to work her, that the period from 4 months to 7 months old would be golden. She would play and entertain herself and everyday she'd learn something new to impress me with.

That has been quite true. Up until recently Addison was content to play on her mat with the same toys everyday for hours without a complaint. She would go down for her naps easily and wake up giggling. She was happy to held by just about anyone, and didn't care who she was with, as long as they paid attention to her.

Now suddenly, something has changed. Twenty minutes is about all she'll give her play mat laying down. After that you better stand her up, sit her up or offer her a plethora of new and interesting toys. Naps are becoming a daily fight...I always win, but it takes some perseverance. When she gets up from her afternoon naps she's ready to rumble and will grouch about just about anything. If you aren't mom or dad, she's not particularly sure she wants to be bothered by you...and if you are going to bother her, mom or dad better be near by or you are going to hear about it. And now, suddenly, she is having the mood swings of a 12 year old drama queen.

One minute giggling hysterically the next minute huge tears rolling off her enormous cheeks. One minute playing and cuddling with you, the next minute stomping her foot and trying to claw your face off. (I have no idea where she could get her volatile mood swings from...both Andy and I are always as pleasant as a spring day.)

To illustrate my point, notice the change in facial expression today while playing with one of her "favorite" toys...

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