Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tiny Teeth

Milestone met.
Teeth have arrived.
Addison finally has 2 teeth poking through her gums, and they are like sharp little puppy fangs. She has been putting everything in sight in her mouth for the past month or so, but now it goes in there and she gnaws on it. There are teeth marks on wooden spoons, on her new Elmo book, on her wrist. She chews on everything.
We probably own 10 teethers and none of them interest her...until today. I was cleaning and packing and making donation piles today when I came across a Bengals teether that Uncle Brian gave Addison back in September. Addison LOVES it. It's small, she can hold it, it has all sorts of different textures. In short, it is wonderful (good job, Uncle Brian). I am positive another tooth is poking it's way into her mouth, thus the glorious mood she has been in the past several days, the 5:15 am wake up call, and the endless whining.

But, dangit, they are cute little teeth.

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Jo said...

Congratulations on the new teeth! Who found the first one? They have to buy a present...for Addison not you Jess. Kate is back in NY looking forward to some time with you all in March!? I missed your blog too I thought you may have been to busy...knitting. Quite of few of my hand knit items have red wine stains on them!!