Sunday, March 2, 2008

300 feet of bubble wrap and counting

Andy & I realized late last week that we have very little time to get our entire condo packed. Basically this weekend and next weekend are it. March 14th Andy has Steak Nights (better known as Steak Knights); March 15th Addison is going to Grandpa & Grandma's so we can go be silly with our friends (and hungover on the 16th). We're both out of town on the 19th. Andy is heading to Omaha for some Smitty time, and I am heading to Pittsfield for some Gramma/Mom time. Andy returns the 23rd, but I am not back until the 26th ~ 3 days before we move (I know, I know, POOR planning!). So this weekend was spent getting to work....our dining room now looks like this:



Wow, we are moving the SAME weekend as you guys!! And so is my mom... Poor planning for our family.

Mich said...

That is just the saddest picture ever. tear.

Jo said...

what a neat packer you are - I remember your helping Kate with her NYU packing you were a pro back then too. Can't wait to see you.