Monday, March 3, 2008

Aunt Ruthie...

Downtown adventures...Addison got to spend some time with her Great Aunt Ruthie this weekend. Last night we went to FlatTop Grill in the West Loop. We had a reservation, thankfully, because it was one super busy restaurant. We all know how much Andy & I love FlatTop, and I just have to comment that of all the ones in area that we've been to this one had the worst service, was most disorganized and was a little messy. That being said I still had two delicious bowls of stir fry, one mojito and a fantastic mango margarita. Just like last time Aunt Ruthie was in town, I couldn't hang and was in bed by 9:45. So was Andy. We are such party animals.

Today I took Addison downtown to have lunch with Aunt Ruthie and her fun friend Cindy. We ended up eating at the Sheraton's Chicago Burger Company. It was wonderful to sit and visit, especially since the valet took my car and said he wouldn't charge us for parking, just to remember to take care of him. Nice...saved at least $10. Actually I saved more like $60, being that Aunt Ruthie and Cindy wouldn't let me pay for a freaking thing....I felt like I was back in college, it was kinda nice! (Kinda nice especially since 2 burgers, 2 sodas and 1 order of french fries was thirty freaking dollars!!).

Thanks for coming and visiting Aunt Ruthie...It was good to have you back in Chicago one last time. Thanks for spoiling us. Thanks for the swag from the hair show. But mostly, thanks for not feeding Addison any of your mango margarita!

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