Monday, March 10, 2008

Not a Stan Fan?

I mixed Addison up some delectable oatmeal, prunes and apples for supper tonight...mmm, mmm, good. While I was getting her gourmet meal ready she had a slight disagreement with her bib. Their relationship started off nice but quickly went down hill.

Is is just a coincidence that bib she had such a falling out with is the one Stan made her?....I sure do hope so. I tried to explain to her who Stan is, but she wasn't understanding. Maybe the two different names thing threw her off. Perhaps it is because in her short little life she has yet to meet him. It could be because the only picture of him that I showed her made him look like a martini glass with hair (strike that, not hair...with ears). Either way she didn't seem to happy to be "Stan's Little Girl".

I can't help that sometimes she has a little attitude...I told her Stan would understand, sometimes he has a little attitude too.



Stan has that affect on a lot of ladies.

Bertophilippe said...

It's amazing how hard you just can't get stan off of you?!