Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Nick at the Zoo
Yesterday Addison and I met Renee and Nick at Lincoln Park Zoo. Renee and I were under the impression that the weather was going to be nice and balmy. It wasn't. It was Chicago in March,windy and cold. Nonetheless, we wandered around the Lion House, the Primate House, the Sea Lion tank and the Africa Exhibit. Addie spent a good 20 minutes tracking the lion while he paced to and fro by the window. Once she was bored with the lion she found plenty of amusement in Nicholas. He is quite the chatterbox and little flirt.

We stopped by the Polar Bears, but didn't stay long. They looked a little sad and there was debris floating in their pool and a bone carcass with a crow feasting on it in their exhibit. Don't worry Addison didn't see the sad little polar bear exhibit ~ a trip to the zoo is exhausting.

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