Saturday, March 29, 2008


Chicago, we have left the city. Cincinnati, we have arrived.

After several days of frantic packing, tearful goodbyes and the discovery of dust bunnies the size of rottweilers we were finally heading to our new home by 2:15 CST.

Andy drove our 17 foot U-Haul (note to selves, we own way more than 17 feet worth of crap). Every time he had to make a turn or navigate a curve he had to stabilize our very heavy chandler so that it would not slam him in the temple and knock him out. Patty and I took off at 80 mph in the Mazda with a mewing cat and a screaming baby. Luckily they took turns on who got to be the vocal one. As we cruised down 94 the skyline shrank behind me...and yes it made me sad (no, really, just a little bit...I am rock afterall!!).
Our movers showed up an hour late and looked to be about 16 years old ~ however, they did an amazing job and did not drop our most important box, the one marked "Fragile. Alcohol". We meet our other movers tomorrow at out squirrels, here we come.

Many thanks for the many calls, texts and messages wising us well. Hugs and kisses to our coffee and bagels made our morning bearable.

I'm going to go pretend to be awake for the UNC game...

Good night Chicago, sleep tight. I know I will.

**Lauren, as we drove by Demotte we gave you a shout out...welcome back to the midwest!


Mich said...

that is one dang full truck - we are glad that you made it safely and we certainly miss you already.

Bertophilippe said...

The City's a little colder without the Neyer clan here.... Good luck and we miss you!

P.S. Did anything avalanche on you as you opened the truck?

Berto & Keelin

Sue said...

Want to know how your moving has affected me? I have officially created a google account, solely so that I can comment on your blog! :) Miss you!

Jo said...

Good Luck! Your in our thoughts.


I can't believe just when I move back you guys leave. Do I smell?

Anyway, good luck in Cincy. Funny, WE drove through Cincy on the way to DeMotte!!!