Thursday, April 3, 2008


We are here. We are alive and well. We are, once again, internet hostages.

My goal is get internet installed at our new place in the next week or so, until then we have to trek to Grandma & Grandpa Neyer's to use their technology for free. I tried to get online yesterday at both Starbucks and Potbelly's, but alas neither had wi-fi.
I have lots to update you all on, but just realized I left the freaking camera at our house...
Some quick snippets:
* We are walking distance from two shopping centers that contain everything from Whole Foods to TJ Maxx (yes, heaven, I have arrived).
* It has been sunny and I am in summer sneakers and am just wearing a jean coat over my tee shirt.
* There are daffodils blooming here.
* We have a squirrel completely focused on breaking into our house and evicting us.
* Somehow Andy & I are living without cable and without a DVR.
* We miss everyone in Chicago a lot, daily.
* There is a wine shop just down the street....

More to come, with time I find myself anywhere near the internet!!

1 comment:

Mich said...

no cable? What about Top Chef? Tom misses you!