Friday, April 4, 2008

Bon Appetit

Addison and I drove Andy to work again this morning...the commute is so easy and short. It definately does not make me miss the mess that 94 always was in the morning. Andy said that when he drives (which has been every other morning this week) he can get from our driveway to his rear sitting at his desk in 16 minutes. Did I mention that parking is only costing him something like $45 a month? Crazy.

Anyway, on our way home this morning we headed to Target to buy a couple of things...we got a new alarm clock because we have NO idea where ours went (it is probably in the same box as all my fancy cooking utensils. Life has been hard these last few days without my beloved garlic press). I treated myself to a new food processor. We had one from our wedding registry but somehow it cracked and was no longer functional. I have justified the food processor purchase by deciding to make my own baby food. Renata swears it's easy as can be, and I feel like Gerber has been leading me down the wrong path with their staged food...twice now I have fed Addie foods that she isn't supposed to have until she's a year old. There has been no real harm done, but I am beginning to feel a little inept at this motherhood thing. So, the point being, I am going to attempt to start making some of my own blended baby food. I will keep you apprised of the disasters I am sure to create.

Until I start down my road to preschool culinary greatness Addison will continue to enjoy the array of fruits and vegetables Gerber process and shoves into cute little plastic containers.
Since moving here I have been feeding her out of her big girl bowl, a gift from Kate Cheeseman*. She seems to really enjoy eating from it and I am amazed by how much food she is putting down. Mixed veggies and oatmeal, how can you not love it?

*Kate and I have had an on-going feud regarding her being omitted from Addison's adventures on the blog. Kate and Addie have had many good times together and seem to really understand each other quite well. Addie is super excited knowing that Kate is coming to visit in May...maybe then a picture of them together will be posted...then again, maybe not.

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