Thursday, April 3, 2008

In the 'Nati

So here is a quick glimpse into our lives in Cincinnati....As most of you know, the three of us are living in a duplex owned by Andy's aunt and uncle. They are very generously letting stay here until we can find a place to call our own (or until the squirrel forces us out). Thanks to my neighbors I can finally show you snapshot of our first few days in the 'Nati (or Queen City, or my personal favorite, Porkopolis).

Addison is adjusting to her new room pretty well...I think she desperately misses the orange stripe on her wall, but she seems to love the fact that sunshine actually reaches her room. She and Michelob are learning to play nice together, as her is her room is also Mich's favorite room.
Our living room and dining room are combined and really quite nice. The dining room looks out onto our 2nd floor porch through french doors. Our living room fits our couch perfectly and has a fireplace (I know won't be using one in the summer months, but it is still nice having one).

When you walk in the front door (which unfortunately we never do because we use the side door) you see these two spectacular stained glass windows. When the light hits them they are gorgeous!

Our kitchen is quite a change from Spaulding Avenue. The counter tops are turquoise. Oven and range are separate, and electric (I've only ever cooked on gas!) and the range fan is the most magnificent copper. It's all very retro...and kinda cool.

As mentioned earlier, we have a great 2nd floor porch. It over looks Williams Street. By the time my mom leaves here from her end of month visit, I have no doubt that it will be full of flowers and plants. It is a great place to sit and sip wine or beer after kiddo has gone to bed.

On second thought, it is also a great place to play red car....hmmmmm.....


Kathy said...

Welcome back! I've missed your little visits. The Apartment looks fabulous. I can't wait to see it for myself. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO YOUR "GENEROUS" NEIGHBOR!!! It's always nice to share.

Mich said...

oooooh Red Car - what a fantabulous idea!

Gay Aiken said...

Don't forget - the Spring rainy season is also the best time to play "Red Umbrella"!