Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gramma Kathy comes to town

Gramma has arrived.

Addison and I drove to Columbus to pick my mom up on Monday, after a few wrong turns we finally made it to the airport. Yesterday was a quiet day at home...quiet if you count a blood curdling screaming child who did not want to nap. After finally getting her asleep Mom and I whipped up a few batches of baby food and enjoyed the silence.

Later in the day we drove around Oakley and Hyde Park and then stopped off at Arthur's for burgers and fried provolone (YUM!). At least that's what Mom and I had...Addie had carrots, can you tell?

She still has not started cruising, but she is for sure doing "some" crawling. She seems to be particularly inspired to crawl to get to Michelob or a pair of socks. She is also pulling her self up on everything, which often results in falling over. Between the falling over while pulling herself up and pushing her self up off the ground to crawl by smashing her face into the floor she has a kind of semi-permanent red nose and red mark on her forehead...makes her look oh so tough!

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