Sunday, April 27, 2008

Visitors make us happy

We had a wonderful weekend.
Friday afternoon Christie and Karen drove in from Chicago to entertain us. We sat on the back porch and had a champagne toast to celebrate Christie's new job with Duke Hospital. (Yes, that Duke. No, she can't guarantee Duke/UNC tickets). Andy came home and grilled up some fabulous burgers, and we soaked up the beautiful weather and laughed all night long.
Saturday Andy slept in and hung out with Addison while we ladies went to First Watch for breakfast; to Joseph Beth's for book browsing; to Adveda for a manicure; and to Skyline to introduce Karen to coneys and three-ways. After a few games of Rummikube, some quality playing and reading time with Addison, we all headed out for the night of grownup adventures.

Today we gorged ourselves on Andy's breakfast pizza, lounged around and then wrapped up the weekend. The girls left shortly before I headed out to drop Andy off at airport for his trip to Chi-town.

Addison and I (and Andy) loved seeing Chicago faces and our apartment felt just like "home", full of familiar laughter and silliness. Karen says the drive isn't bad....she'll gladly chauffer you down to visit.
Tomorrow Addison and I are headed north up 71 to Columbus to pick up Gramma Kathy for her visit ~ we are so popular these days!

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