Friday, May 23, 2008

Another weekend away

Well, I am off to South Haven, MI for Ali's wedding shower. Being that we are going to be at the cottage I am sure that this will be anything but a tame wedding shower. Addison is staying home with Daddy once again...we just didn't think she was emotionally prepared for the debauchery of a cottage weekend.
I'll be driving back home on Sunday. Andy is playing in the annual George Wechsler Memorial Golf Outing Sunday. Essentially, he is celebrating George's memory by golfing 18 holes, drinking a lot of beer and enjoying the Cincinnati weather. I thought it might be in Addie's best interest if I were to come home and not make her negotiate an inebriated dad. Andy's had a hell of week at work and he deserves a little misbehaving time.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone...I can't believe that May is already ending and we are headed full force into summer. By this time next week Andy & I will be home owners, finally we will get to feel settled in.

The music is hokey, but here's a great recap of our May... Life is so hard in the 'Nati.


Sue said...

Hokey or not, the music made it for me. Yes, I got choked up. :)

Bertophilippe said...

Where'd you get that soundtrack...Best of Tuck and Patti?! I feel like I was watching a video for retreat... Thank goodness Addy is so cute and takes good dives off of Grampa's lap!