Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana can ruin a weekend

On my way home from South Haven I learned that the difference between 60 and 72 is not 12. Nope, the difference is $126.00, at least that's what Officer #4585 of the Indiana State police taught me. Now not only I am no longer cavity free and proud to be, but I am no longer speeding ticket free and proud to be. Damn, my whole identity is crashing down around me.

While it would have been better sans speeding ticket, overall the weekend was still wonderful.

Friday I drove through tons of rain and tons of small Indiana towns, but finally arrived at the cottage around 7 p.m. Sean and Ali had a glass of white wine waiting on the table for me. Copious amounts of wine flowed and dinner was served at 11:30 p.m. in typical cottage style. After a dip in the hot tub, and more wine we headed to bed....which is where I stayed until almost 10 a.m.
Ali's shower had perfect weather and was at the outdoor garden of Fenn Valley Winery. Ali was showered with gorgeous gifts and seemed to enjoy the special guest of the vineyard kitty, Pinot Meow.
We feasted on some amazing food, I won't even go into how much goat cheese I consumed, and sipped several wines. I was in charge of driving the ladies home, so did not enjoy the wine quite to extent that Sue, Michelle, Kellogg and Mary did. We drove back to the cottage with the top down, nothing like a bunch of tipsy, windswept ladies to keep the party going. We spent the rest of the day soaking up the Michigan sun, soaking up the remaining wine from the shower and frolicking with the boys.

The cottage is still one of my very favorite places in the world, but my how times have changed. By 11:30 Saturday night all of us were safely tucked into our beds...Michelle, unfortunately, was tucked in with a severely sprained ankle after a graceful fall down the A-frame loft steps. At least she ran the Soldier Field 10 Mile Saturday morning and now has an excuse to rest her running shoes.

I arrived back in Cincinnati to a very happy baby hanging out with Aunts Nikki and Kimmie. After resting for a bit we headed over to the golf outing. Last time I was there I teed off on the back nine and drove my cute little pink golf ball directly into another golfer's cheek. No such injuries occurred this time around. Addison played on her blanket, tried to put mud, dead leaves and a few bugs in her mouth and generally charmed the pants off everyone she encountered. The three of us headed home around 9 p.m.; Addison was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

We're going to head out car shopping today and try to enjoy a few more hours of nice weather before the storms head back in.
Tomorrow we become home owners....instead of going out for a celebratory dinner I think we'll send the state of Indiana a nice check. Damn.

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Mich said...

I think you might need to add the goat cheese and chive concoction to your best cheese around list...