Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can't be angelic all day every day

She woke up from her post-Cubbie nap in a foul mood. Nasty. Grouchy.
She threw her toys. She chucked giraffe. She winged her pacifier. She screeched at the cat.
She growled at me.
Simply put she was one unhappy baby. I would like to blame on the Cubs, but I think it's that one of her top teeth is trying to make an appearance. Mean new tooth.

Or maybe it's that her Daddy left for Lowell until Friday night. Yep, that's probably it!

**By the way, I wasn't neglecting her while she put on this performance. I was making her a bottle to eat. Previously to this lovely video she was "eating" carrots and broccoli. By eating, I mean screaming and spitting just about every mouthful back out. Lovely. Come to think of it, after the last 3 1/2 hours of Miss Unhappy Pants I think I will go "make" myself a bottle too...of Shiraz.

***Please note that there are no tears on those chubby cheeks. No tears at all....


Kate C. said...

I hope her tooth comes in before Friday. How is she going to eat Thai and get her nails done in a mood like that?

Barbara A said...

My my my it seems what goes around comes around!!

those beautiful calfs are the same size as her lovely cheeks!!