Saturday, May 3, 2008


Gramma's gone....we drove to Columbus today to drop her off (so she could fly to Cincinnati to catch her flight to Hartford, ridiculous, I know). On our way to the airport we stopped to visit my cousin Colin, his wife Liz and their son Jackson.

This was the first time we all got together since our babes were felt much more grown up then we used to get together and play drinking games until one of us puked (of course "one of us" usually meant Colin). Addie loved Jackson's toys, his bouncer and his dog...
Jackson was a little unsure of Addie, perhaps because she let a little baby banshee loose while we were there.

Now we're home. She's bathed, fed and snoring. My vegy pizza is on it's way and a glass of wine has been poured. Without a doubt I will be in bed within two hours.

Grammas are exhausting (and, of course, wonderful).
Thanks for a great visit Gramma...we love being with you.

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JayJohnson said...

That baby looks delicious!