Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kicking it in Kentucky*

Yesterday Mom, Addison & I were going to go to the zoo. I obviously have been out of the school scene for too long or I would have realized that I am in the middle of prime field trip season and the zoo at the end of the week equals a disaster. We were about the 40th vehicle in line to get into the parking lot, so we turned around and headed off in search of a new adventure.

We ended up parking down at Sawyer's Point and walking across the Ohio River on The Purple People Bridge into Newport, Kentucky.

Newport on the Levee is full of shops and restaurants and has a great view of the river and Cincinnati.
We meandered around until we realized, much like the zoo, there were field trips descending upon us.
We decided to walk down along the levee and enjoy the beautiful weather. (Have I mentioned how much I love that Cincinnati has spring??) We didn't find swings, but Addison took a couple rides down the slides ~ I don't think that she found the slide half as much fun as the swings.

After walking back over to Ohio, we headed up to Mt. Adams and had lunch at Longworth's. The last time I had been up to Mt. Adams and at Longworth's I am pretty sure that Andy and I were Juniors at LU...this time I was pushing a baby stroller.
*Speaking of getting lucky in Kentucky, Andy's at the Derby today...hopefully he wins big, or at least big enough to pay for the new brakes we had to put on the car on Thursday...

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