Friday, May 9, 2008

Rice and Lollipops

Kate Cheeseman is in town to shower her mommy in Mother's Day love...which works out well for me, because I got a lunch date. Addie and I met Kate and Ann at Nest for some window shopping and then headed off to the Green Papaya for some great, fresh, yummilicious Thai food. Kate got a limeade drink that made every gland in my mouth pucker after one sip and our curry and pad thai were perfection. Addison got her first taste of rice and seems to love it ~ even if she doesn't, it did keep her busy for a good 30 minutes, which is very needed these days when she is at a restaurant. By the time she was done with her rice it was in her hair, her ears, up a nostril and all over the table and floor. At least I was able to have nice lunch with grown up conversation. Thank you, rice.
Kate also introduced Addie to suck and she desperately wanted more. Too bad that doesn't promote good oral health and she'll be lollipop free for a year or two to come.
After hopping her up on carbs and sugar we headed over the Cheeseman's to visit and hang out a bit more. After a few laughs with Cheeseman's we headed home, and Addie passed out about 45 seconds into our car ride.
It was a big day for such a little girl!

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