Thursday, May 29, 2008


I really did not enjoy packing up my condo in Chicago. It was time consuming. It was sad. It was amazing how much "stuff" Andy and I had hung on that had absolutely no value.

Well now I get to pack up our apartment. I know I am not going to like it. It will be time consuming. It will be annoying. And, yet again I will be amazed at how much "stuff" we have accumulated in the past two months (I write this as I eye the stack of Entertainment Weekly, People, Cooking Light and Real Simple magazines piled next to the couch). All of that aside, packing up this apartment will be no easy task ~ I have a very mobile, very busy, very curious, very helpful almost 11 month old.
So who wants to come help? You have your pick of jobs:
A) Bubble wrap our dishes, glasses, wine goblets. Pack our photos. Cram our clothes into boxes. Throw away our magazines. Essentially, organize and box all of our belongs.


B) Play for hours with our Stinkerpotomus.

Seriously, your choice.

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Sue said...

Those teeth get cuter and cuter. Especially in your next post where's she biting the magazine. :)