Thursday, May 29, 2008

The best form of packing procrastination? Blogging.

I managed to pack one box before Addison woke up from her glorious 2.5 hour nap. This nap was MUCH needed, as Andy and I had her out until almost 10 p.m. last night - 2.5 hours past her bedtime. I went to bed last night preparing myself for a potentially rough day.

Instead, Stinker woke up in fantastic mood, scarfed down half a banana and a whole kiwi and was ready to play. However, instead of playing she was her helpful self and decided to help me thin out the early mentioned pile of magazines. So very, very helpful.
Now she's looking at me as if to say, "What else do you want me to do around here? Mop, sweep, the laundry?". Of course my answer is "Um, yes.".


Kate C. said...

You should get her terry cloth or swifer pants and gloves and have her crawl around and "mop" the floor. Put her to work!!

Mich said... sounds good!