Friday, May 30, 2008

Shockingly I managed to pack 2 midsized and 3 small boxes yesterday. Today Addie and I are going to bring some of our breakables over to the house along with some supplies. Andy and I decided that we would have a sleepover tonight, so that when stink goes to bed we can get some work done. The house is in great condition, but there are a few things we want to do before moving in and we're quickly realizing that we are running short on time.

Addison and I are also hoping to go with Uncle Rick and his big ass truck (I like to refer to him as Puryear's Delivery Service) to pick up our patio furniture. No, we don't have enough furniture for the house, but by god, we'll be furnishing the back yard ASAP.


Over the past few mornings Addison and the cat decided to forge a fragile friendship. Addie doesn't understand why Michelob usually runs when she comes crawling. We've been working on being gentle, but what Addison thinks is gentle is not necessarily what Michelob thinks is gentle. Give it another year or two and I bet they'll be inseparable.

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