Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goulash is good

As we are approaching Addison's 1st birthday (yep, you read that right, she'll be ONE a week from today) I am trying to get her more adjusted to finger food and less reliant on her bottle and the purees I take such pride in making. By a year old she is supposed to be "eating what we're eating" and goes cold turkey off soy formula and on to whole milk. I feel like that's a lot for a one year old to handle, but she's pretty tough.
Already she munches on peas, rice, cheerios, real small pieces of chicken, bananas, and goldfish crackers. She seems to really enjoy feeding herself, but it takes twice the time as when I feed her, and it is at four times as messy.

Today at Aunt Sue's pool party, after a dip in cool blue water, I introduced Addie to GG's goulash. GG's goulash is a staple at all family gatherings and is addictively delicious. It is spiral noodles, some kind of super yummy meat sauce and melted good.
Addison inhaled it.
It was all mushed into her hands. It was smeared across her face. We found some behind her ear and in her hair. She got it on her shirt, her skirt and, of course, my shirt. Obviously this full body eating extravaganza shows how much she likes her GG's goulash. But I think the point was driven home when Andy took the plate to throw it away while there were few pieces of goulash still on it and she screamed and flailed her arms until he gave it back.

And then she smiled and dug in for another mouthful.

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