Monday, June 30, 2008


Happy Birthday Gramma! I can't wait to see you in Chicago. Mommy and Daddy are packing my stroller so that we can walk along the river...maybe we can share a burger from Billy Goat Tavern?
I can't wait to show you where my piggy toes are and how big I am. I know I am super great at putting my thoughts down in the blog, but sometimes when we talk on the phone I can't tell you everything I want to. But I hope you can at least see how happy your phone calls make me...


I hope you have a fabulous, wonderful, joyous Birthday...I can't wait to see you in 4 days and give you presents and tons of kisses.

(Oh yeah, Mommy and Daddy say Happy Birthday too....and they can't wait to see you either!)


Kathy said...


Sue said...

Oh my gosh I frickin love it!!!

Kate C. said...

OK that is just about the cutest thing ever. Well besides my new shoes. Kidding - Addison is much cuter in a human way :-)