Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's a Jungle in here

So my mother does not come through the phone line and kill me I am posting some pictures of Stinkerpots' room. It is, pretty much, the cutest most wonderful little girl room. There is so much space to play and the jungle animals make everything super bright and cheery. All credit goes to Genna, for being so creative and generous (my only contribution was painting the walls such a bright yellow and filling in the giraffes' spots...but damn, those spots look good!).


Kathy said...

AWESOME!!! IT'S THE PERFECT SPOT FOR THE "POTTAMUS". The one picture seems to say"get me outta here, I want to play".

Kate C. said...

SO CUTE. Can't wait to see you in July! Congratulations on finding a HOME!

Mich said...

I think that is supposed to be MY room - palm trees and giraffes. I am moving in.