Monday, June 9, 2008

Lapse in Judgment

When we got our new laptop it came with a web camera installed. This was very exciting, particularly for Gramma Kathy since we could web chat, and she and Addie could see each other.

Karen kindly told me about Skype, a free web call site. Now Addie and Gramma try to talk at least once a week, a wonderful way for them to connect.

Well, Andy and I foolishly decided that it would also be a wonderful way to connect with our dear friend Sean. For some reason, we thought it would be a great idea to sit at our kitchen table while Sean and his mom, Cheryl, sat at their kitchen table and play "high low black red" over Skype. Or what Sean had dubbed as "Skype Drinking". We discovered that we can only video conference with one contact, which put a damper on our plans to have a multi-state drinking video conference (Christie in North Carolina, Sean in New York, Us in Ohio and everyone else in Illinois). Good thing, because it turns out that drinking with Sean was more than enough. Also turns out that I am not a good high low black red guesser.

I cannot hang with Sean....he's like a human version of scotch and I forgot to remind myself that I am mommy, not a rock star (sorry Keelin, I know I should have known better). Sunday was spent praying for the pain to go away. I clocked a lot of good nap time on the couch and in my bed....Andy took good care of the babe, and Bob thoughtfully delivered some Advil.

Thank god for father-in-laws!

I was fully functional today and got the dining room hutch completely unpacked, made it to Costco and Babies R Us, vacuumed, whipped up a couple batches of baby food, did six loads of laundry, bathed, fed and put a baby to bed, made dinner and did the dishes. Perhaps that was overkill, but it made me feel that my wasted Sunday was atoned for.

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Sean said...

Its about time you get some pretty pictures on this blog. Damn, I look cute