Thursday, June 12, 2008

James Taylor on the Banks of the Ohio

Last night Aunt Kimmie, Uncle Rick and Baby Rylan came over to babysit Addie while Andy and I headed off to see James Taylor in concert at Riverbend.

I warned the babysitters that my sweet daughter had been a bit of a pill all day, and the only thing that had been making her happy was my lap. I also warned them that she was stinking up quite a few diapers. Stinky, messy, runny diapers.
To further illuminate this point to them (as I am now to you) I explained how she had squirted out of her diaper on to the living room carpet. And that while I thought I cleaned everything up - her, the floor - I discovered poop stains all over baby puppy and another smear mark on the carpet under baby puppy a half hour after I put her down for her nap. Lovely. My dainty dainty daughter and her dainty dainty digestive system.

Anyway, I met Andy downtown at Party in the Park, we had a drink or two and then headed off to the concert. I was hoping to grab dinner there, but all they really had were giant pretzels and popcorn ~ so that was dinner. Fantastic! We shared a blanket and a beer or two with Brian and Kelly and settled in for nice summer night.

The concert was wonderful. I can't help but love James Taylor, I am pretty sure he has accompanied me on every road trip I've ever taken. Of course he played "You've Got a Friend" and it was gorgeous. Of course he played "Sweet Baby James" and it made me miss the Berkshires. And of course he played "Carolina in my Mind" and that made me darn ready for vacation.

I had to call my mom and let her know that the concert was wonderful. After all, the last time I went to a JT concert was in 1996. My stupid high school boyfriend had just smashed my silly 18-year-old heart and my ridiculous friends thought the answer was to drink as much beer and liquor possible. Needless to say, when I got home from the concert my mom was not very proud of me. Maybe it was because I had ring the doorbell to get in since, for some reason, I couldn't work the screen door handle. Maybe it was because she had to hold the trash can while I ralphed into it. Maybe it was because I was a mess over a boy who really wasn't worth it.

Either way, I had a much better experience at this concert. No ralphing. No hangover. No irrational tears.

By the way, seven months after my ridiculous display I started dating Andy. And my mom ran into that boyfriend of mine....he was working as the popcorn maker at a rinky-dink movie theater. I have no idea what he is doing now or where he is, nor do I particularly care. But I do know that I had a lovely night listening to beautiful music on the banks of the Ohio River under clear starry skies with my wonderful husband.

I think I will make that my new James Taylor memory...not that my mom will ever let me forget 1996.

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