Thursday, June 12, 2008

Morning Routine

In our last two homes, on Spaulding and in Norwood, in the morning I would hear Addison start to wake up. I would normally go make her bottle and then go grab her. She'd get her diaper changed and then we'd head back my bed where she'd get snuggled in between me and Andy for her morning meal. Andy would usually have a standoff with his alarm clock and I would tune into the Today show to find out what was happening in the the world. Addison would chug down her bottle and then play in bed with a stuffed animal.

All that is different now that we don't live on one floor. Now in the mornings when I hear her waking up I get up, get her and change her diaper and we head downstairs for a bottle. She sits on my hip eagerly awaiting breakfast while I shake up some soy milk goodness. We then amble over to the family room, where she lays on the floor bathed in morning sunlight and chugs down her bottle. I flip on the Today show and start brewing a pot of coffee. By the time I am headed back to the couch with my coffee, her bottle is drained and she is either standing up by the couch eagerly awaiting my return or she is head first into her bin of toys.
And that's how we sit, she and I, each morning. Me thanking god that coffee is part of my life, she thanking god that one little girl can have so many toys.


Mich said...

I just love those little teeth!

Sue said...

Me too! And the crazy hair!!