Monday, June 23, 2008

My Kitchen Window

I had a wonderful weekend in Chicago, but am thrilled to back in my own bed. However, Karen's couch is quite comfortable and what a difference it makes when the windows are shut and the blinds are closed. I didn't at all feel like an El train was running over my head this time around.
Seeing friends, celebrating Keelin and hanging out with a gaggle of girls was just what I needed. There were lots of giggles, lots of hugs and lots of weekends get much better than that?
This was my second trip back since we moved, and while I love Chicago and always will, it no longer feels like my home.

That was a very hard sentence to write.
The view from my kitchen window, however, explains it all:

While I was away Addie perfected throwing her hands up over head when asked "How big is Addison?" and grabs her toes when asked "Where are Addison's piggy toes?". So freaking cute it's ridiculous. Also, this time when I returned home, she smiled, giggled and reached for me.

Ah, to be loved.

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Sue said...

I am sad Chicago is no longer your home, but am glad you have a new one with such nice views.