Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's fun to share

Andy and I have, for many months now, been focused on helping Addison understand the importance of sharing. Over all she does a pretty good job. She had no problem with Elise and Ian playing with her baskets of toys last week, and at StrollerFit she gladly shares her goldfishies, books or whatever we may have stashed in the stroller.
She rarely minds when the cat lays on her lion throw, although there have been incidents where Addie very forcefully pulls the lion out from underneath a sound asleep kitty.
Addie shares when Rylan comes over, although sharing with him is a bit more of a challenge. If Addison doesn't want Rylan to play with a particular toy she snatches it away from him and hands him something much less interesting. For example, if Rylan is playing with her Music Cube, and she doesn't approve, she'll grab it from him and hand him a stuffed animal or block. She thinks it's a total fair trade...Rylan doesn't always agree, but he rarely complains.

The other day Addison and I were playing puzzles on the floor and I rested my head on her rocking chair.

Colossal mistake!

She started whining and then screeching and then crying, all while pointing at my head and shaking hers. She grabbed at my hair and sat down and pounded her fists until I took my head off her rocking chair.
Just another example of Addison turning into a toddler. I don't mind her asserting her independence and I want her to makes sense of her world...but occasionally I really do need to rest my head.
Addison reluctantly sharing Lion with Michelob (yes that's a plastic hot dog by her ear. Hot dogs are awesome. She definately will NOT share her hot dog with ANYONE.)


Kate C. said...

I am glad she picks the healthiest foods to play with. Although the scary steak is still my favorite.

Good luck!!

Christie said...

She looks so much like you in that picture!!!

JayJohnson said...

Hey, that music cube is a hot commodity! I don't know if I'd want to share it, either...