Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You know you have

You know when you are out shopping and you can hear that kid screaming and crying and being totally ridiculous and you glare at the parent and think to yourself:

"I wish that freaking kid would SHUT UP. Why won't that STUPID parent leave so I can do my shopping in peace?"

Yeah, well I was that parent today. And I have this to say to you:

"I can only get out with this little person in tow. She usually is an angel but right now she's pissed off because I forgot her snack of grapes and took away the
chapstick when she started to eat it. Sorry that your shopping trip is ruined, but truly I DO NOT CARE. I am here for a specific reason and I'm not leaving until I've found what I need. Wanna trade dirty looks? I'm the mother of a toddler, I SWEAR I'll win."

Is it too early for wine?


Kathy said...

One more time...THE APPLE ETC,ETC,ETC

Christie said...

HAAAAAAAAA! I love your mom!!