Friday, January 9, 2009

One more strike against the Grandmas

This was my father's first week of chemo therapy. He will be having chemo every week for the next 6 months. I know, WHAT?
It's a lot of chemo, but he opted to participate in a drug trial and therefore every other week will be getting a six hour drip of chemo, and on the opposite weeks he will be getting a two hour drip. His spirits seem good, although Wednesday he told me that the whole process was a pain in the balls. I told him that I'd rather have his balls be uncomfortable for awhile than he be dead. Appropriate? No.
True? Yes.

So, I checked back in with him today to see how he was doing...TIRED. I can't imagine the kind of tired he is feeling, and I've lived through the infancy of a child. The reason I am even sharing this with you is because when I got off the phone with him I said to Addison "That was Grampa and he is really tired".
I often tell Addie who I was on the phone with, and at times tell her what the conversation was about (basically, if I told you that I could keep your secret, I probably lied. I most likely divulged your confidence to my 18 month old.).
She looked at me with that all knowing look that she has and said "Paw Paw".

So I did my normal quiz of her:
What does a kitty cat say? Meow
What does a cow say? Moo
What does a lion say? Roar
And so on and so with all her animals, then I asked:
Can you say Mommy? Mama
Can you say Daddy? Dada
Can you say GG? Gee Gee
Can you say Grampa? Paw Paw

When we got home, before her nap, I showed her a picture that sits on her dresser of her baptism of the three of us with Dad and Kathy. I pointed to me, she said Mama. I pointed to Andy, she said Dada. I pointed to Dad, she said Paw Paw.

I showed her pictures of her Grandmothers...not a word.

So, Paw Paw, you might be darn tired...but someone is bound and determined to make you smile.

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Kathy said...

WHHAAAAAAAAAT? OK, grampa gets this one,but ONLY because of what he has to go through. Gramma still is not happy!