Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are a few things I've learned over the past couple of days:

  1. The Dark Knight was worth the hype. Great movie and some wonderful shots of the Windy City. I am thankful that Chicago is not quite as bad off as Gotham.
  2. When your body says you are going to throw up it means it. Don't try to conquer the urge with mind over matter, it just makes the throwing up at 1:30 a.m. that much more awful.
  3. If I am throwing up, there is a good chance that it is a bug or food poisoning. If it is a bug, there is a good chance Addison will throw up too.
  4. As a mother, how sick you feel suddenly disappears once you realize your child is sick.
  5. Vomit is not the kryptonite I always claimed it to be. Turns out that I can pick up a baby who is sobbing and spewing vomit, even if that means the vomit is going to be spewed all over me.
  6. Washing vomit out of your hair is a chunky experience and not at all enjoyable.
  7. When Addison doesn't feel good, snuggling with Mommy, Nemo and Lion makes almost everything better.
  8. When grown-ups are sick we feel it for a lot longer than babies. When babies are sick they throw up and then go about their business of getting all their toys out and dressing up the cat.
  9. It pays to have friends who are nurse practitioners and doctors.
  10. One quarter of a hundred disc CD loader can be unloaded while Mommy's back is turned to switch the laundry.
  11. It hurts babies a lot less and scares babies a lot less when they fall up the stairs rather than down the stairs.
  12. I am thankful to not wear a diaper...those rashes look miserable.
  13. The laundry and dishes don't care that you are sick, they still pile up.
  14. My husband makes a great Acini de Peppi for me when I feel yucky.
  15. They mean it when they call it a "24 hour bug"...bring it on world - I can face you now.

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