Sunday, January 25, 2009

We have had a bizarre amount of birds descend on our back yard since the beginning of the year. On New Year's day I began to worry that maybe we were in the middle of a Hitchcock movie. I was waiting for one of those winged rodents to break through our window and peck out my eyeballs (but that may have been the mimosas clouding my thought process). Addison was mesmerized, so was Michelob. For that matter so were we.
Anyway, a fraction of the birds returned today. They ate the berries on our trees, pooped them back out on our patio, and again mesmerized the cat and kiddo.
Both Addie and Michelob stood at the kitchen window for a solid ten minutes today watching the birds. Mich made her weird cat chirping noise at them while twitching her tail and Addison repeatedly pointed at them and tried to tweet. She definitely doesn't have the tweet down yet. A skill we must focus on mastering over the next week.
Once the birds left, Addison decided that she and Michelob were one in solidarity. With their new found camaraderie, Addie decided she could share her cookies. Michelob wasn't so much interested, but Addie was feeling charitable, so she offered her treats up to the birds...They weren't really interested either.

I say we had solid day of progress in the sharing department....Cookies for the kitty and the birds, well done.

Of course, when I tried to have one of her goldfish crackers at snack time you would have thought that I had asked her for all her food for the rest of her life.


Christie said...

I believe I have watched Addison's mom stab anyone who tries to touch a piece of food on her plate. In fact, I have watched her stuff food in her mouth just so no one else can have it...hmmmm?!

Sue said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your plethora of postings lately. Really makes my lunch hour a very happy time.